About Us

Good News Bears is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Livermore, California. We were founded in 1996 with the mission to provide teddy bears to hurt, traumatized, or abused children as well as adults.

We distribute "stuffed love" - teddy bears and other stuffed critters to children and adults suffering illness, loss, trauma, or loneliness. We average over 14,000 giftings per year to shelters, emergency personnel, hospitals, hospice, and more. Our animals will travel around the world to comfort those in need.

We are happy to say that approximately 93% of donated monies goes into purchasing critters to gift.

Legal Information:

Formally Adopted Bylaws (PDF)
Articles of Incorporation (
IRS Exempt Status Confirmation (
State of CA Exempt Status Confirmation (

Good News Bears is registered with the California Attorney General's Charitable Trust Registry

A Little Bit About Our Staff

Staff implies we receive payment for the jobs we do, when in actuality, we are really just dedicated members of a wonderful club.

Good News Bears takes pride in being able to  to provide the volume of giftings we do with 100% volunteers. We love our MemBears, Grizzlies and Cubs for all they do in their free time.

Our Officers:
Chair, Jeanie (Jean A.) Haigh
Vice Chair, Martha Espinoza
Secretary, Joan Dickinson
Treasurer, Michelle Jess
Gifting Chair, Nichole Christoffersen




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